Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bubbles Everywhere! By Stevenson

The Rainbows have been learning to write a paragraph that included "speech marks" and a question mark ?. Here is Stevenson's writing. Great writing Stevenson!

I wondered what everyone was doing? Miss Lavakula said "We're making bubbles". We put water in a bucket with dishwashing liquid and oil. Miss Lavakula gave us some coloured straws. When we got our straws lots of bubbles came out. Falefehi's team was puffing and puffing away. Soon their plastic bucket looked like a volcano was erupting.


Miss K said...

What a fabulous paragraph Stevenson. You really have achieved your learning goals.
Well done Stevenson!

Anonymous said...

What an impressive paragraph son. Keep up the great work!

Aunty Sandy said...

Hi Stevenson

Great writing! You have learnt how to use speech marks and question marks really well. Well done you clever boy!

Miss T said...

What an interesting paragraph Stevenson. I liked how you used a question mark and speech mark. I especially liked the way you described the look of the bubbles coming out of the plastic bucket. I look forward to more of your awesome work.

Anonymous said...

Great parahgragh Stevenson! Keep up the good work !!!!!

From paige Ramati beach school kapiti coast new zealand.