Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Mahana's trip to MOTAT

Mahana is part of the Rainbows writing group. Here is writing about our trip to MOTAT. Well done Mahana!

On Wednesday morning we went to MOTAT. My favourite part was the tactile dome and the mirror maze. I liked the tactile dome because it was scary and dark. The best about the mirror maze was that I kept on getting lost all the time. MOTAT stands for the Museum of Transport and Technology.


Anonymous said...

Cool story about MOTAT Mahana. I also like your description of the Mirror Maze too. Sounds like you had heaps of fun. Good Job =)

Xx Michaels Mum =)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mahana, I'm glad you enjoyed your trip to MOTAT. I've never been in the tactile dome, I think I would get scared!

From Ms Mackinlay and Poppy :)

lesieli said...

hi mahanah

what a cooooool story about going to the motat hope you had fun

from lesieli