Sunday, March 20, 2011

Taimana's trip to MOTAT

Taimana has written about our trip to MOTAT. Listen and watch carefully as he shares with you the best part of the day for him.

The tactile dome was like a dark maze. It was cool. Cyrus picked me, Maroroa and Stevenson. We were first to go inside. We all got stuck in the middle and then we all cried "Help!" I found the net, we climbed up and hopped off. Stevenson found the slide and we got out. I felt happy to be out of there.


Anonymous said...

Great Blog Taimana,
Just hearing about your time in the Tectile Dome even scares me! I liked your story and you gave cool descriptions. Keep up the great work =)

Xx Michaels Mum =)

Anonymous said...

That sounds freaky, no wonder you want to go back to Motat. Can adults do that?

Love Mum XOX