Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sateki's School Animation

Sateki has been working hard animating his pictures and turning it into a slideshow. With reminding, he was then able to export his slideshow to iMovie and turn it into a quicktime. Well done Sateki!


Miss Walker said...

Hi Sateki, I liked your slide show. How many slides did you need to make and put together to make your slideshow.

Miss Burne said...

Hi Sateki,

I really enjoyed watching your slideshow it is very good.
Keep up the good work.

Mrs P said...

Hi Sateki
Your animation is very impressive and you have lots of clear detail on it. It is very tricky remembering the procedure for making a movie. I am interested to see your next effort. Well done.

Lawson said...

Hi Sateki,
you did quite a good animation! How did you make the characters move and stand up when they have no supports for them?? I think I might have something to help you make your next step. You could make it longer to show us even more!
From Lawson at Stonefields School.