Tuesday, March 1, 2011

2011 Pt England School Picnic

Every year our whole school walks down to the Pt England Reserve for a picnic. We're there for the whole day. During the day there are a range of activities that the children can take part in. Watch our movie and see the highlights of the day.


Ben Melville internediate said...

Hi I am Ben from Melville Internediate I thought that your dance moves were mint michael jackson is cool to and looking for crabs at the beach is cool to so spek to you later.

Burnham school Room 2 said...


I thought how lucky your whole school went for a picnic. Liked Ben I thought the Michael Jackson's moves were awesome.

Mr Thurlow

Sela said...

Hi Room 9,

Hi room9 it is me Sela thank you for sharing that movie about the picnic.
You guys are making me feel like I am at the picnic again. Thank you so much for sharing that movie yous gave
me lots of memories to remeber about the picnic.

From Sela