Friday, August 30, 2013

Jessica's Cross Country Writing

Last Thursday, Point England school  had cross country  outside on the court. It was a beautiful nice day, it felt like I was baking in the hot sun. All about cross country was the fun run that’s why we did it.

Looking around me was the only fast people that I know, I was shaking nervously to death because I always think that I will come last but when I was standing waiting in line till its my turn. I saw My friend it was her turn to run its almost like a marathon. Everyone was sprinting and gasping for air running in the squishy mud their feet was like a stick covered with Dark Chocolate I said to myself “eeeeuuuuu that’s just disgusting’’.

Behind me was the ten year old boys it was so gross because I felt something under my bottom it was a sticky bubble gum stuck under my bum. I looked at the back of me there were two boys laughing at me. I knew it was them so I undid it, because someone might look at my bottom and then mock me.

Then my friend said to me “is it  our turn?" I Replied "Yes it is" so we lined up and walked normally to the beginning. Our Principal said we just have to wait until all the other people clears the track for you guys okay when it was time he said the magic word get mark get set go! we ran fast as we can and there was buzz of excitement cheering for our house colours.

When I looked down I saw mud oozed through my toes it was just not cool. When I was running and running I was almost the last one in the ten year old girls but I said to myself “I can do this Jessica’’ and so I ran and ran until I met My Bff and said to me “I don’t want to do this ever again I’m just going to stay home next year’’ when I passed Miss walter and Miss King I raced till the end. I was so exhausted so this lady said here you go. "Thank you", I said.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Should this have happened?

The Kiwifruit group have read a book called 'Should this have happened?' written by Jill Eggleton and illustrated by Richard Hoit.  They have been learning about Debates and how to present their ideas in a form of an argument.

Their statement was 'Georgie Porgie should not have kissed the girls'. Here are there teams.

Here are some of their ideas and photos of them.

Taunese: Georgie Porgie should have kissed the girls because he had no friends and he wanted people to like him. Georgie Porgie should have kissed the girls because he was practicing kissing girls for his wedding day too and he wanted it to be perfect. I think Georgie Porgie should have kissed the girls because he was lonely and had nothing else to do.

Rowana: First of all Georgie Porgie should not have kissed the girls because he already had a wife. I think that the girls died because georgie porgie was so smelly and his smelliness was so bad. He wanted to make the queen of france jealous so he kissed the girls and the girls cried because they felt sorry for the queen.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Kyan's Humpty Dumpty

This term's topic is called Life's a Stage. We're learning about different fairy tales, nursery rhymes, fables, myths and legends. We've only been at school a week this term and here is a finished animation from Kyan. Well done Kyan!

Spoken Word

At Pt England School we have a Performing Arts group. There is a small group of children who have been learning about Spoken Word and preparing themselves to perform. Here is a video clip of Tihi and Promise who performed today. They were magnificent! Tihi Promise