Monday, May 25, 2009

Jeryco's Alliteration sentences

This is what Jercyo has written for his alliteration and a picture he drew in kidpix.

Jeryco was juggling with James while jumping on a jet.
James was jumping on Jercyo while juggling the jet.


spxroom6 said...

Awesome! I loved your drawing, you are even better than me!That was a fantastic writing also, keep it up!


Pt England Scribes said...

Hey Jeryco, I like your use of alliteration. We're learning to use alleration in Room 11 too.

From Miss MacKinlay

Miss Walley said...

Hello Jeryco

That was awesome! Your alliteration was great. I liked the way you used J the first letter of your name.

Miss Walley - Tamaki Intermediate

mrs. Baker said...

Must be hard to say all those "js" Jeryco! You did very well and what a lovely picture!

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

That is awesome! Its one of the best I have seen. You are clever and your teacher must be too!

Mrs She @ Pt England School

Mr Wood said...

Hey Point England I like your laptops and it's cool having laptops we also have laptops as well.