Thursday, May 7, 2009

Term Two's Immersion Assembly at Pt England School

Every term the first day at school is all about Immersion Assembly. This is the teachers chance to dress up and hook the children into the topic. Listen to the movies by Robert and Antonio and find out what we are learning about this term.

This is Robert's recount of Immersion Assembly. There will be photos posted up of our Immersion Assembly as well.


Delwyn Jarman said...

Dear Antonio,

I really enjoyed hearing about our Immersion ASsembly. We had such a lot of fun when Mr Burt was pretending to be a caveman. You wrote a great recount and you read it well; even those big long words!

Love from Mrs Jarman

maydnz said...

I love your drawing of Mr Burt. You have used really good colours and he looks just like a cave-man. I think you read your story well especially the hard words. Well done.