Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Timoteo and Saadiya conquer the Senior Playground

This is both Timoteo and Saadiya's first post for the year. This is their recount about their adventure on the Senior Playground.

This is Saadiya's recount of playing on the Senior Playground.


Mrs Jarman said...

Dear Saadiya and Timoteo,
There are certainly lots of different activities to do on the Senior Playground. I think you are quite brave because parts of it are very high. Sounds like fun though!
Love from Mrs Jarman

Year 4 Extension Grouop said...

Hello Timoteo, we have just watched your movie on your blog post. You sound like you enjoy using the senior playground. It is a lot different to the junior playground. Starford, who is in our class said that the Tornado is hard to jump onto as it is so high. Do you have trouble getting onto it too?

Ka pai Timoteo!

Year four extension group