Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Chloe goes to Senior Camp

This is Chloe's first post for the year. She has been learning to write an interesting introduction. Leave Chloe a comment and tell her what you think.


Seini-Mino said...

Wow Chloe that was a cool story about the camp fire at year5&6 camp and I saw you when you and your class were walking around our camp fire.
Good Job Chloe keep it up!

From Seini-Mino Room 15

Jarna said...

Hey Chloe
what a cool movie you did about the camp fire at school. Plus that story matched with your video clip and your voice was very clear.

Your sincerely Jarna

Sylvia said...

Hey Chloe

I love your story and your voice was nice and clear. You did a great story about the senior camp fire. You must really like that camp fire at the senior camp.

From Sylvia

spxroom6 said...

Hey Chloe
that sounds interesting i sure wish i was there to watch to.
that voice over was pretty clear to hear.i must be really cool too watch. that sounds fun.keeps up the good work!!!!!!
From Hifo

Unknown said...

Hi Chloe
Welcome to blogging. Did you enjoy recording your video and seeing yourself on the blog?
I am glad you enjoyed going to visit the senior camp. One day it will be your turn to camp on the field and make damper and all the cool things they did.
What are you looking forward to most when you are in Year 5 and go to camp?
Mrs Burt

Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Chole,
We went to see the camp too. We like the cooking part and we learned how damper was made. We also looked at the tents and the camp kitchen.

Mrs She and Room 5

Room16 said...

Hi Room Ten
Great to hear from you again. I bet you have all been as busy as us! What a lot we have packed into Term One. The Senior camp sounded like fun. I bet you all can't wait till you get there in Year 5. I used to go to camp with my own children and we always had a lot of fun. Being a Camp Mum was fun. Because I teach younger children I don't get to take kids to camp. My children are all grown up now so may be I won't ever get there again.
Annie & Room Ten

TimTam said...

Hi Chloe,

Your awesome.

Love Uncle Tim and Aunty Tam