Monday, March 23, 2009

Anamei's hard-working weekend

In Anamei's area where she lives they are throwing out Inorganic rubbish. Listen as she shares what she does in her weekend.


Anonymous said...

My name is Meighan and your blog is so cool. It is well done.
Is this a school blog or it it one girl's blog?
By Meighan
Room 8
Hamilton New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Thanks Megan, for visiting our blog. Our blog is for everyone to share their work in our classroom boys and girls. We will visit your blog.

Unknown said...

Hi Anamei
Thank you for sharing your story with us. What was going on at Kohimarama School that made your family decide to visit there? Does someone in your family go to that school?
I wonder if your parents found something nice in the inorganic collections for you? I got a surf board once that someone was throwing out!
Mrs Burt