Thursday, February 19, 2009

Uili likes to blow Bubbles

Uili also wrote an interesting recount about blowing bubbles in class. Listen to his story and share with him what you think it would be like if you blew or have blown bubbles.


Ms Squires said...

Great job Uili,
I loved your story.It sounds like you had lots of fun.
Ms Squires

Anonymous said...

Hi uili,your a really good bloger just for a 7year old.It sounds like a lot of fun!
From Tyla.

Anonymous said...

Hi uili i think that was a good story for a seven year old from wyatt

Pt England Scribes said...

Great story uili you put some cool words in there.from isara

Crusader said...

Hi Uili
i like your story about the bubbles.Uili what did you make your wonds with?keep up the good writing.
By Crusader

Henry said...

Hey Uili
Heard your Movie man that sounded fun. Blowing bubbles is fun. That reminds me of my favourite cartoon character SpongBobSquarpant when he blows bubbles underwater too. I'll see you later bye