Friday, February 13, 2009

Levi and his Bubble Adventure

This is the first post for Levi this year. We have been busy in Room 10 learning routines and working hard in all our subjects. Listen to Levi's stories and you can share with him what you think it would be like to blow bubbles.


Shannon said...

WOW... You are truly amazing, Levi!
What a great story, and so well spoken.
I look forward to hearing more from you.

Love Mum

Anthony said...

Who is that fantastic reader! Awesome Story Levi and I too look forward to hearing about adventures. How Big were the buubles and how many were there?

Love DAD

Anonymous said...

THAT was some AWESOME reading, Levi. You are going to have to show me how big those bubbles are!

Love Uncle Markos

Anonymous said...

Loving this story and what a pro in front of the camera.... legendary work!!!


Aunty Sammy said...

Levi, what an amazing job you did at reading so fluently.

I love bubbles!

What a great topic to write about.

We are so very proud of you.

Love Aunty Sammy

Miss Paton said...

Hi Levi,

I liked your story on the bubbles. Blowing bubbles is a great summer activity. I liked how you compared your bubbles to balloons.

Keep up the great work.

From Miss Paton
Panmure Bridge School

Manaiakalani said...

Hi Levi
What a great start you have made to your writing this year. I am glad you chose to share it with us on your blog. I can see you have a lot of other fans who like your writing too. Keep publishing it won't you.
Mrs Burt

Seini-Mino & Sylvia said...

Hi Levi

That was a great story it was enjoyable to watch and the bubbles
a really fun.from Seini mino and Sylvia Room15

tyla said...

That was a very bubble story. From Tyla

Pt EnglandScribes said...

I liked your story very much and good efert from jabez.

Pt England Scribes said...

That is a good story Levi. You described the bubbles well.

Pt England Scribes said...

I really enjoyed your interesting bubble Adventure story Levi
From Jacob

Room 10 @ Pt England School said...

Hi Dad
Thank you Dad for
leaving me a message
i'm going to do an
another story soon