Monday, February 16, 2009

Jouan and her Bubbles

This is Jouan's first post for 2009 and she has done a great job at writing about Bubbles. She has used our recount sentence starters in her writing. Listen as she shares her writing with you and leave her a comment.


Mubasshira said...

Hi Jouan

That was a great story.
Bubbles are slimey.
I really liked your story.
Thank you

Your Sincerely

Mr Webb and Room 8 said...

Room 10.
First well done Jouan, a nice post about bubbles. Secondly I am excited to see that one of my favourite blogs has started posting again. If it is alright we'd like to have a link on our blog to your one so others can share your learning and we can keep updated about your work. Leave us a comment on our class page if that's okay
Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jouan

That was a amazing story about bubbles but it would be so slimey
your story is really enjoyable.I
can picture it in my head

bye Seini-Mino Rm 15

maryellen said...

Hi Jouan,
I really liked your bubble story. It must be fun to learn in your classroom. I teach grade one in Montreal, Canada and we have a blog, too. Maybe we can do some stories like you do. Thanks so much for sharing your learning with us.

Ocean said...

I think that was a really great story
bubbles are slimey to.
I really liked your story
Thank you

By Ocean

Pt England Scribes said...

Wow cool story!

Anonymous said...

That was really cool.
from tyla

Anonymous said...

Wow what a story did you have a graet time in room 10 and do you like it in there.

Hope to haer more storys and more things from you soon.

April from 17