Sunday, November 9, 2008

We need more recycling bins!

As part of our topic we have written letters to the Auckland City Council asking for more recycling bins for our school. Listen to Hueloata's letter and see if why we need more bins is right.


Anonymous said...

We have just watched your video about recycling. At our school we have 3 eco teams. We have the Litter Pickers who make sure the playground is kept tidy. We have the Garden Crew who compost all our old food scraps and the Energy Busters who are in charge of saving energy in the school. Have you heard back from the council?
From P3 at Easter Carmuirs Primary

Room 14 Seekers of Knowledge said...

Hi Team 2 we're from room 16 at grey lynn school. I think we need some more recycling bins too and we need some more people to do it too. I like your move and I hope they give you some more bins!

from Joe, Room 16, Grey Lynn School.

Anonymous said...

Good on you Room 10. Yes you are right in that we need more recycling bins. I was thinking about that on our school athletics day. Many parents and family members had plastic drink bottles and cans at lunch time. Sadly because we do not have recycling bins available to us we saw these recycable items being thrown into rubbish bins.

I think that we do need more bins. Especially now that Pt England understands why and how we should be sorting rubbish correctly and recycling.

Look forward to hearing your reply from the council.

Mrs Tele'a

room16@greylynn, said...

talofa room10 at pt england. my name is jade i would have to say your blog is very neat with all its coments from other people around the place. and i hope you get those extra recycling bins for your school good luck and we will check your blog out again. from jade in room 16