Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our thanks to the Kiwis

We quickly jotted down our ideas about what to say to the New Zealand Rugby Leauge Kiwi's team that won the world cup. We summed it up and came up with "Proud to be a Kiwi". Well done to both teams. It was a great game to watch. We are hoping we will be able to see the trophy in the next few weeks before it goes on a nationwide tour.


Anonymous said...

We have been watching your video about being proud to be a Kiwi! We were not sure why you were called Kiwi's but we now know that it is after your native animal! By P3 at Easter Carmuirs Primary.
P.S Our teacher Miss Nichol likes Dan Carter!

Anonymous said...

Hi P3,
Thanks for your comment. Yes, we are proud to be Kiwi's. What is your native animal that you are called?