Monday, November 10, 2008

Icky gooey mud

Have you played in mud? Listen to Logan's recount of what it was like playing in the mud especially in winter time. This was written during the previous term.


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Logan !
You sounded you had a good time playing in the mud ! Good for you !
I don't like playing in the mud anymore but when I was little like you, I did some muddy tricks.

Mrs. She ( Room 5 )

Room 16 Grey Lynn School said...

Dear Logan we think that you were very descriptive about playing in the mud. In our class we have some girls that love playing in the mud. We think that you did a great job and it made us feel like we were sliding in the mud.

All the best for the next story. Room 16 rockers!

Miss Paton said...

Hi Logan,

I used to make mud pies when I was your age, but didn't eat any. Pretended to instead. I don't play with mud any more. Good on you for enjoying the mud. Keep your recounts coming in.

From Miss Paton
Glenbrae School