Thursday, November 13, 2008

Film Festival 2008: PES Room 10 Goes for Green

This term we have been very fortunate to be apart of the Manaiakalani Cluster EHSAS Project. It's all about improving literacy at our school using ICT. It was a big day today for all of us who took part in sharing our films with the rest of the community. Our children are so proud of their work. You can view all other films on


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...

Hi Room 10 !
I like your movie. It's very entertaining ! You guys are very good singers as well.

Mrs. She

Pt England School Rm 4 said...

Hi Guys- this is Room 4.

The movie was fantastic because there was lots of good acting!!
We thought it was funny because the kids holding the signs looked amazing when they were dong the sign in fast motion!!

Lots of aroha,
Room 4
Mrs Katu & Miss Wild xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Manaiakalani said...

What an awesome movie you made Room 10. I really enjoyed watching it. Everything about it was wonderful from your singing to the acting and the pictures you drew. I have to say that my favourite part was when you were holding up the Go For green signs. I wonder what all the cars driving past thought? Do you think they thought that Pt England School was supporting the Green Party?
I should mention too that your presenters on the stage made us very proud. They were so confident and spoke clearly and remembered their lines well.
Fantastic effort Room 10
Mrs Burt

Pt England Scribes said...

Wow Room 10 what a wonderful movie. I really enjoyed watching it! Now I know why you were singing so loudly outside your room! :)

From Miss MacKinlay

tuitalau m said...

That movie was a good one.That song you made up was a cool song to go with the GO FOR GREEN what a good one guys keep it up.

spxroom6 said...

What creative and tallent kids you are in room 10!! I really like your song Called Go Green.well Done.


spxroom6 said...

awsome work...

we all like the way you have done with your short film. great singing from you all and you were all brave holding up the signs. GO FOR GREEN... yeah.

St Pius X School
Room 6

SIESHA said...

WELL DONE........RM 10

mrs lagitupu said...

Excellent movie Room 10!

I loved the acting, singing and cool pictures. It looked like you had a lot of fun making this movie. Well done for spreading an important message: "Go for Green".

Bobbi-Grace room 14 said...

Hey room 10 that reallyshowed the messag.Say good job to your teacher

Mauina Room 16 said...

Hi Room 10 your movie is so so cool you are great singers.

Latu Taiseni said...

Hi rm 10 why should we recycle?because we can leave our planet clean.
dear rm 10 what an awesome movie i really enjoyed watching it because it was so cool i think your class should go on every web site.

thank you for reading my letter.

Ibyss said...

Nice work room 10 I loved your movie. I hope to see you next year on PENN.

Pheonix RM18 said...

Exellent job room 10! Your movie was great. You guys looked pretty awesome spreading the word to all those cars driving past you. But anyway I hope to see another part of your GO FOR GREEN movie, so bye for now.

Meredyth said...

Hi there Room 10 and especially Vivienne,

Thanks so much for showing me your movie and talking to me about your learning.
It was great to see what you are learning in the 'Go Green' topic. Our school is going to be studying a similar topic next year so we will look forward to watching some of your movies when we are learning about Sustainability next year.

Thanks for having us in the school this morning.
Cheers, Mrs McFarlane, MARINA VIEW SCHOOL

felicity mei said...

oh well done i like wat u gus hve done it was my fav one

Rocker said...

Hello to all my Kiwi friends!
Your video was simply precious! I really enjoyed what you did! The song was wonderfully written and beautifully sung! (But then again, I have loved your voices from the very first time I heard you sing!)
Keep up the fantastic work!
I am so proud of you, and your biggest California fan!
Rock On!
Carol Anne McGuire

stanley said...

Hi i am from Panmure Bridge. Hi room 10 you have a great introduction i liked all the acting you guys and girls did.

Mehdi R6 PBS said...

Hi Room 10,I liked the video you guys and girls made about GO FOR GREEN and you guys and girls are very talent.

Rique C said...

You guys did a great job of using the term "Go for the green" but maybe next time you could do a bit more talking in it instead of just using words this will help reach out to the audience more and help them understand a bit more about the term "Go for the Green"