Wednesday, November 5, 2008

As part of our topic our class looked at compost using apple cores. Listen and find out what we did. You can share with Logan something you know or have done with compost.


Mrs S. said...

Hi Logan it was interesting to hear about your composting with apple cores. We are a class of 5 and 6 year olds at North East Valley Normal School in Dunedin and we have been finding out about compoasting too. One of our teachers at the school has a bokashi bucket which is another form of composting. Have you heard of them? Mrs S

pesroom10 said...

Hi Mrs S,
Thanks for your comment. I have not heard of a bokashi bucket. We have a worm farm, do you think that's a comopost bin?

Room10 said...

We loved hearing about your composting. We started a worm farm 2 years ago. Have you thought about doing that? We visted a big worm farm in Cromwell. The worms are huge, bigger than ordinary worms. Talk about eat!!! They ate food rubbish as quick as we put it in.
Annie & Room 10