Monday, March 19, 2012

Rosalina's Mihi

Here is Rosalina's personal profile that she has written as part of her homework. Listen as she shares with you a bit of information about her family. Well done Rosalina!

Good morning Room 9. My name is Rosalina. I am six years old and am half Samoan and Niuean. My parents are Andrew and Julie. I have an older sister named Kalesha and an older brother named Sean and I am the youngest in the family. My favourite game is TeeBall. My favourite song is My Baby. My favourite food is pizza bread. My favourite colour is pink and blue and dark red.


Anonymous said...

I like your mihi Rosalina keep writing your stories.

Laura said...

Hello Rosalina!

I am a student at the University of South Alabama. The way most people would greet you here is: "How are y'all doing!" I hope you are doing simply marvelous.

You have a very nice speaking voice and you did a lovely job telling all about yourself. I hope your older brother and sister take good care of you and teach you many interesting things. I am the oldest and have two younger brothers. You are very lucky to have a sister and a brother in your life.

Yes, pizza is a great food! I like pineapple and ham on mine. I discovered that combination in Hawaii while on vacation years ago. It has begun to be popular here in the United States recently.

Do you play teeball at school or on a team after school? It was a really good way to practice your swinging without getting hit or missing the ball. My brothers played a lot when we were younger. What other games do you enjoy on the weekends? My favorite activity was riding my bike everywhere.

My most favorite colour is blue. The blue of the ocean and of the evening sky are my favorites. Dark red is an excellent choice, too. You do not hear of that very often. You must have a special reason for liking dark red.

Do you have pet? What type of pets are popular in New Zealand? I have had every type of rodents from mice to guinea pigs. Right now I have a fuzzy fat cat and a large dog that knows a lot of tricks. She will sing along if you play a harmonica and likes to bring the newspaper in from the street in the morning.

I hope you have a wonderful school year and learn many, many new and exciting things. Keep posting videos and blogs to the rest of the world! You are doing a super job!

Laura Holifield

KatelynGill said...

Hi Rosalina!

My name is Katelyn and I am a student in Edm 310 at the University of South Alabama. I really like your mihi!I really like your headband you are wearing as well! I too have a brother, but he is younger than I am. I am the oldest. I hope to hear more stories from you later! Keep up the great work sweetheart!

serena said...

What a great movie and story you have keep up the great work well done?

serena said...

What great work you have done Rosalina well done keep it up?

Yvonne said...

Hi Rosalina
I like the way you read your story in a loud steady voice.I like your story because you told us more about your family.I like the way you told us about you to. And what your cultue was.I also like the way you spoke with expression.

From Yvonne

h said...

Hi Rosalina I ilke the way you read your story uesing clever words in your story.