Monday, August 23, 2010

Sela retells Kupe and Te Wheke o Muturangi

Here is Sela's retelling of the legend Kupe and Te Wheke o Muturangi. Also attached is her picture of the octopus.

Long, long ago Kupe and his fleet wanted to go fishing. They disturbed the giant octopus, who was sleeping. Kupe threw the water gourd overboard to distract the giant octopus thought it was a person. But then Kupe got his hunting knife and stabbed the giant octopus to death. Then they were all happy that the octopus could not eat their fish anymore.


Room 3 said...

Hi Sela,

You spoke clearly and loudly. We enjoyed listening to your story.
We liked the Octopus picture.

Room 3

Ms Bee said...

We loved listening to your story Sela. What an awesome story teller you are!

Syris and Juanita said...

Hi Sela,
We liked listening to your tell your story. That is a great octopus picture that you drew. You chose realistic colours for it.
From Syris and Juanita.

Ata said...

Hi Sela,

i really enjoyed your story about Kupe and the Octopus.

Keep the great work!!!

From Ata

Parklands School said...

Hi...We enjoyed reading your legend about Te Wheke! Our class is learning about our local Maori legends and we have been inspired by your blog.

From Room 5 Parklands School, Motueka