Saturday, August 21, 2010

Our Maritime Museum Trip Video

Here is a video of what we did and experienced at the Maritime Museum.


Room 3 said...

Hi Room 10,

We liked your Maritime Museum movie. Some of us in Room 3 have visited the Museum and have been into the Polynesian room. Those model boats look fantastic and awesome.

From Room 3 PBS

Anonymous said...

Hi our name is Brodie and Reuben we go to burnham school in christchurch, we like your pirate.

Litia Rm15 said...

Hi Room 10

It looked like you had an awesome time at the Maritime Museum. I've been there and it was so cool. My favourite part was the ferry ride to Devonport.Did you guys go on the Ted Ashby or the Ferry? And could you please tell me what your favourite part was. I hopeyou can tell me about the rest of your trips.