Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Carpet Kid by Quasia

This is Quasia's writing of what happened at the Life Education Bus and when Harold visited.


Raenan said...

Hey Quasia,

Wow I liked your voiceover Quasia. Keep up the awesome work.

From Raenan Roomfifteen (15)

room 2, burnham school said...

MrThurlow & Room 2,

Burnham school.

Fantastic Quasia

We really like how your writing is pod casted to the world. Harold visited our school last Term.


Mr Thurlow- Does you teacher want to try to collaborate with each other in Literacy. My students would love to edit other children's writing from another class. I could make a google account that would allow both classes to edit children's work and make a comment. This would have to closely monitored initially. I know my students would get a buzz out of it and would help them with their own editing skills.

Kind regards

Chris Thurlow

chris.thurlow @burnham.school.nz

Sela Room 10 said...

Hi Quasia,
I loved watching your movie and reading your piece of writing. Great
efort Quasia. Keepit up.

your best friend Sela

Room 2 said...

Lochlan Matthew.f and Harley from burnham school in room2. Your pirates are some art work that you designed.