Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Volcano Animation by Mua

This is Mua's volcano animation. She worked really hard to write her own voiceover for it as well. Well done Mua!


Asena said...

Hi muamua,
I like your volcano movie I eninged
your movie it Was geat well done on you did you like maeking it.

From Asena

Mr. Alverio said...

Wow Muamua that was an amazing explaination and work you did. This is Mr. Alverio From the US. I hope can keep up the good work and learn more about science. That was great job. How did you do the animation? How long did you do it?

Mr. Alverio

gloria said...

wow mua I am realy proud of your volcano it was realy cool and your movie was great.
from gloria room 10

Room14 said...

Hi mua it's me max,I really liked your anmatain.I really like your voice over,it was nice.You done really well and have a good time.

By Max