Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Keis' Earthquake Animation

This is Keis' animation of an Earthquake happening. She has worked really hard this term to write a paragraph about what an earthquake is. Listen as she explains. Excellent work Keis! This photo was taken on our term 1 picinic at the Pt England Reserve.


Russell Burt said...

Hi Keis
I think your work is excellent.I particularly like the technical words you use in your voice-over. They show really good understanding of the earthquake. Well done.
I hope you're having a happy holiday.
I'll see you back at school soon.

Anonymous said...

hello Keis
you work is awesome i loved how you added your voice-over to your animation it looked like i was watching your movie over and over again anyway keep up the great work

Felicia Ruminski said...

Hello Keis,
I really like your pictures about the earth quakes. I helped me understand what happends during an earthquake since I have never experienced one before. Great Job!

Asena said...

Hi Keis,
I like your movie about earthquakes. I did one to in room 10 I enjoyed your movie . You did great work Keis well done.

From Asena

Tyla W said...

That was a great explanation of how earthquakes occur. How did you choose to do your video about earthquakes? Have you ever been in an actual earthquake? I would have liked to have heard a little bit more information, but overall you did a great job!