Monday, July 26, 2010

In the Asena

This is Asena's piece of writing that she did during the holidays.

In the holidays, it was my birthday. Me and my family went to the movies to watch Karate Kid. It was so fun because we bought two packed of popcorn and two drinks. When I was watching Karate Kid I was eating popcorn and drinking coke. The popcorn was so yummy that I ate the whole popcorn. My favourite part was when Karate Kid knocked out the boy that bullied him.

7 comments: said...


I thought that was a great piece of writing.

I enjoyed karate kid to.

Keep the awsome work up.
Hope to see more.

From Melissa

Sela Rm10 said...

Hi Asena,
I loved reading you peice of writing.
Thank you for sharing your post about
Karate kid that sounds like you had fun in the holiday.
From your friend Sela

Room 15 Meadowbank said...

What a cool movie!
I thought your post was very exciting. Make sure if you see another movie write another post.

By Angela

Chante said...

Cool Asena, I haven't seen karate kid yet but after reading your piece of writing I feel like I have to go see it. Keep up the great work.


Zion said...

WOW! Asena
I liked how you got the karate kid picture, and nice story about your birthday. keep up the good work Asena.

Lola said...

Hello Asena

I really like your story about going to the movies. I really like it how you used differnt type of sentences.

well done.

from Lola

Bjork melville intemediate said...

Hi my name is Bjork I was going to watch karate kid but my sisster wanted to watch twilight eclips but i still think karate kid is better. And if you have time to check out our blog