Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maungarei, Maungawhau

During our sessions for Maori we have been learning about the Maori guardians and here is a chant as well as some of our graphics the we have drawn so far.


Mrs R said...

I loved watching your video and listening to your chant. Did you visit any of these places on a trip? Some of the children at our school have been learning about New Zealand especially our native plants and animals. There is so much to learn! Keep up the great work.

Te Roimata said...

I enjoyed your moari song with Whaea Rawen. It was a enjoyable song.

From Te Roimata

Oshania said...

WOW! Room10 I love that song Maungarei,Maugawhau Its always on my mind.

Awhina said...

Kia ora room10

Ireally like your chant about what you sing with Whaea Reawen. I hope you learn more about maori.


Heremaia said...

Hi there it is so cool to see all the volcano's you have drawn throw out weeks and days.Keep it up guy's!

kobe said...

Cool song and I like your volcano drawings keep it up.