Monday, May 10, 2010

Lee's Report

As part of writing, we have been learning about writing reports. This is Lee's report about his mum. Listen as he shares with us some details and why she is special to him.


Kelly said...

Hi Im Kelly. Ka pai Lee. Great work. Im sure your mum is very proud of you, and that she is a lovely woman.
Keep up the great work.

Room 8,
Melville Intermediate,
Hamilton, New Zealand

Anonymous said...

Hi there
My name is Fauiki Katoa
i enjoyed watching your blog
it was really cool and awsome
well hope to hear back from you soon bye.

Chante said...

Cool lee Nana must be really proud of you.Keep up the good work.


Ashleigh said...

Hi Lee
It sounds like you really know your Mum. when your Mum sees this Im sure that she will love what you have said about her. Keep up the good work