Friday, August 7, 2009

Andee's Holiday

This is Andee's first post. He has written a recount about what he did in the holidays. You might like to leave him a comment and tell him what you did in your holidays.


Mrs Tuala said...

Hi Andee,

Thank you for sharing your recount about your holiday. Isn't it great to have whanau that we can enjoy the holidays with, especially grandmothers.
You read with a slow and clear voice, well done.

Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see more of your work on your class blog.

Love Mrs Tuala

Mrs Burt said...

Kia ora Andee, You wrote a very interesting recount about the holidays. I was very surprised to see that this was your first published story because you read it so confidently and clearly that I thought you must have had lots of experience at this.
Well done
Mrs Burt

Jack said...


you are really lucky to go to your nanny's house i stad home

jack in 45r

John Harville said...

Dear Andee, just watched your post and I'm glad you had a good time over the holidays. I too have a good time seeing the people I love and care about.
John Harville
Dr. Stranges edm 310 class