Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jeryco's conclusion to Goldilocks and the Three Bears

For writing we have been learning to use interesting words to write more simple and complex sentences. Listen as Jeryco reads what he has written for these pictures above.


Miss Garden said...

Jeryco you have used such good feeling words in your conclusion. When I got up this morning, I was distressed and startled to see my cat had brought a rat into the living room over night. Then I became outraged to see the cat had played with it so much that there was rat blood every where! I wish the rat had found his way to freedom instead of becoming a midnight snack for Stanley the cat.

Fred Patterson said...

Jeryco dude that was really good man!! You did some good reading with the words you used man, I know they can be hard but remember practice make perfect and never give up. But, you didn't sound trouble at all GOOD JOB!!

Makerita said...

Hi Jeryco,
You are such a talented boy.You are really good at telling stories and explaining them.Keep up your talented work.