Monday, April 6, 2009

Room 10 uses the Language of Success

This year our whole school is focusing on using the Language of Success. Listen to our movie as we share what we have covered and what it means and looks like in Room 10. We also shared this movie on our School News PENN. Our school news can be seen on Triangle TV on Wednesdays at 5.45pm.


James said...

Well that was awsome kapai room10. That was great because we are lerning how to talk properly
at school too.

Mr Webb said...

Room 10 what a wonderful movie! The music was great, so was the acting (very convincing) and I really liked the fact that it was about a very important topic! I also liked the way that lots of different people got to say something in the movie instead of just one person maybe saying everything. I always look forward to visiting here to see the wonderful things that your class is up to.
Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

ANAMEI said...


Linda Yollis said...

Dear Room 10,

I really liked your video! It was a good mixture of teaching and humor. It is important to use the language of success!

I'm gonna, I mean...I am going to show it to my third grade students here in California! :-)

Thanks for a great blog post!
Mrs. Yollis

Mrs McGhie & Room 6 said...

I really enjoyed your video Room 10 and I shall be sharing it with my Year 3 class after the holidays. My children have been learning the difference between "may I" and "can I" during Term 1.
I can't wait to visit your blog again and see the new things you have to share with us.
From Mrs McGhie

jouan said...

Hi room10.Using the language of success is a good thing.Good job.from jouan.

Room 10 Grey Lynn said...

Hi room 10,

How did you make the words bounce at the start and the end of the clip? We thought that was really cool.

From Max Salote Robbie Cameron in Room 10 at Grey Lynn School