Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Hot Air Balloon" by Wyatt

How large is a hot air balloon? Wyatt explains in his story about when the hot air balloon came to Point England School. Read his story and write Wyatt a comment.


calvin rm 8 said...

Wow Wyatt that's a cool story i heard, yeah that's true he was pulling the string to make the flames,

Anonymous said...

I sounds like you really enjoyed seeing the hot air balloon Wyatt. I enjoyed your story.
Mrs Gleeson

Mubasshira said...

Hi Wyatt

I really liked your story.
Yeah the man was doing what you have just said.
Have you ever gone in a Hot Air Balloon?
I have never gon in a Hot Air Balloon i Really want to go in one.
Bye for now.


Mrs. She said...

Hi Wyatt !

That's a cool story !

Good to see that you still enjoy writing stories like you did when you were in Room 5 last year !

Love from

makerita 11 said...

that was good.rita

Mr Nua (Isara's dad) said...

Great story Wyatt, and your illustrations were really cool. I hope the balloon got out of the way so you could see the sun again!

Keep the great work