Thursday, May 15, 2008

"Up, up and away" with Jesiah

Find out what Jesiah wrote about on the first day of Term 2. He also drew some graphics using Kid Pix. Can you see what they are?


Bex said...

Hey Jesiah
What a very entertaining vodcast! I love it how you put music and graphics in! It sounds like you really enjoyed the assembly - so much was happening and you described lots of things!
from Rebbecca at the Ministry of Education in Wellington :)

Mrs. Kelly said...

I really liked the way you illustrated your story using kidpix - you are quite an expert

Anonymous said...

Hi Jesiah
I really enjoyed your clip. You were really listening and watching at the assembly.
Mrs Gleeson

Anonymous said...

Nice drawings Jesiah. I liked the music you chose too.
Mr Kelly [Teacher of Room 2 at Marshall Laing Primary School in Mt Roskill]

jesiah said...

thank your teacher for your comment i like your comment

Jesiah R10 said...

Thank you teachers for your comments.

Jesiah R10