Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vivienne visits MOTAT

Vivienne went to MOTAT last Friday. Listen and find out what her favourite part of the trip was. It might be a place that you have seen too! (If you've been there of course)


Miss Wild said...

Hi There Vivienne,

I listened to your story about MOTAT and it made me want to go in the next holidays and take my son Jakey!! Thankyou so much for a cool report.

Miss Wild
Room 4
Pt England

Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Vivienne
I really enjoyed listening to your story about MOTAT. I think that you spoke with a nice clear voice and I liked your picture. Well done.
Mrs Lagitupu

Mrs. She said...

Hi Vivienne !

You read very well. I am glad you had a good time at MOTAT.

Love from,
Mrs. She.

vivienne said...

Hi mrs Lagitupu thank you for the comment. I hope you go there.From vivienne Rm 10.

Tamaki Primary School said...

Hello Vivienne
It sounds like you had a great time at MOTAT. I liked your picture of the bus. You read very well and I really liked the way you sequenced your story.
From Mrs.Kelly