Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Hot Air Balloon" by Isara

The whole school was very excited when they heard that a hot air balloon was coming. Isara shares his experiences of the day. Watch and find out what shape Isara thinks the balloon looks like. Do you agree? Please write a comment to Isara.


Anonymous said...

The hot air balloon was just like the shape of a head. I agree with you Isara.
Mrs Gleeson

Mrs Tele'a said...

Hi Isara, you are so famous. We all watched you tell your fabulous story about the hot air balloon. I thought you were a very good story teller, maybe you could ask your teacher to not put your story up so high next time! But you coped so well and that smile of yours! Wow!

Miss Walters R13 said...

I loved your story! It was very interesting and you spoke clearly. I look forward to hearing your next story. Keep up the WONDERFUL work!
Miss Walters

Mrs Nua said...

Hey Sala,
What a great tale about the balloon. I love the way you read with so much confidence. I think you're quite right about the shape of the balloon.
Keep up the cool writing!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sala
what an awesome blog, I love your illustrations and great presenting. I wish I saw the Hot Air Balloon come to school.
By sina

Anonymous said...

Hi Isara,
You were so awesome .You listened very carefully.Great descriptions about the hot air balloon.I can't wait to hear your other stories.
Keep up the wonderful work.
From your sister Tinei.

Dad said...

Very cool reading and what a great experience. I wish I could have seen the balloon. I would have sneaked on for a ride around Auckland, and maybe take it to Samoa!

Keep up the awesome work my boy!

Aunty B said...

Wow Sala you are fantastic!!What a great job you did. Looking foward to your next tale. Can't wait to see it :)
Your super Aunty xxoo