Monday, February 4, 2013

Welcome to Year 5 in Room 13

This year is going to be an exciting one. We hope you've all had a lovely holiday and look forward to all the wonderful events ahead. Term One will be a busy one so keep watching this space and check out what our Year 5 children will be up to.


Miss Burne said...

Hello Room 13,

So excited to see all your smiling faces and to hear that you are in Miss Lavakula's class.

I look forward to reading your work and viewing your movies over term 1.

Shelford said...

Hi Miss Lavakula,I am glad that I am in your class this year. I can't wait to learn lots of new things with you.

Shelford said...
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faioso said...

Hi Room 13 i like the way some of you guys smiled i am looking forward for your next movie love from faioso