Monday, February 25, 2013

Introducing Room 13

Here is a short clip of all the students in Room 13. Watch and listen as we share a bit about ourselves and at the end, you're in for a real treat - Pt England Styles.


Simon said...

Hi Room 13, I liked our introduction movie. It was heaps of fun making it.I really enjoyed doing the Harlem shake.

jessica said...

HI room 13 you"re blog was so amazing because herd that you really do like you're netbook OH I mean you're
chrome book hahahahaaah.
from jessica

Taunese said...

Hi Room13

I like your movie.My favourite part is that Harlem stands on the chair and shakes his body.I can't wait to see one of your other movie.

From Taunese

Sela said...

Hey Room 13 and Miss Lavakula,
WOW!!! What a wonderful movie you have put together for us it is so Entertaining. It made me feel like I wanted to be in your class. While watching this movie it made me feel like, Dancing to the song and singing it too!! My favorite part was when your beautiful class did the Harlem Shake. Keep up your Amazing talent Room 13!!

Your classmate Sela from room 17!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to meet you all Room 13. Your version of the Harlem Shake was awesome, great dance moves! Must be exciting to be using Netbooks this year. All the very best to you all this year and aim for the stars in all your school work.

Micheal's Aunty Xx

Texas D said...

Hi Room 13, Your cool movie of the Harlem Shake was great,Also some imp Your version of the Harlem Shake was awesomeness moves.