Thursday, February 21, 2013


Our children have been very fortunate to have swimming lessons at the Glen Innes Aquatic Centre. They are divided into three groups according to their abilities in the water and children learn swimming skills. Each group has a qualified and very friendly instructor that teaches them for half an hour per session. There are eight sessions in total. Here is a short clip of what they've been doing so far.


Miss Kirsty said...

Hi it looks like you have been having a lot of fun swimming. We have been learning to swim in our class to and it is hard work, but lots of fun. What do you like best about swimming?
Miss Kirsty

Miss Ouano said...

Kumusta Miss Lavakula!

We really like the way Room 13 were swimming. Room 14 really love swimming too!

From your friends in Room 14 :)

Maroroa said...

Hi Room 13 I Loved the way you swimming

From Maroroa

Paris said...

Hi room 13,

I like the was you swim

Paris said...

Hi room 13,

i liked the way you swim and you keep it up

Mrs Lawry said...

It is great to see you so engaged in your swimming lessons! Stonefields School will start their swimming lessons later on this term, so please be sure to stop by our blog and see how we are going.

Room R said...

Hi Room Thirteen. We think it is cool that you get to go swimming. We go to a pool like that 4 times a week to swim to too. We have our swimming sports in 2 weeks time!