Monday, November 12, 2012

Rosalina's Narrative

One day Sandy and Michael went to camp in the forest. They packed everything that they needed. They always need a tent, a water bottle and a toilet paper. Just in case they need to go toilet. When it was night time they set out their tent. Sandy went out to get some wood for the fire. She came back to the place. But something was wrong, her brother was missing. “Michael!” she shouted. She looked everywhere even the toilet. She saw his footprints leading to a road. She thought about it. Sandy thought and said in her mind “he’s been kidnapped!” She kept on following the footprints. She stopped and met a man holding balloons she said the strange man “have you seen my brother?”. “No” he said, he said it in a strange voice. Are you sure? cause it sounds like you know him said Sandy. “No, I’m really sure about it” he said. Sandy found her brother Michael, he was at the shop all along. She said did you trick me? No he said.

by Rosalina

Here is Rosalina's writing sample that she wrote about the picture above. Listen and watch as she shares with you her narrative story. Well done Rosalina!


Kevin Kasipale AKA the Man said...

Hey me Kev
Nice little video you got there good work.

Kevin said...

Hi Rosa,
Your cousin here that was some nice writing you got there about Sandy and I forgot the other one soon you might be better then me at writing :)