Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Angelo's Narrative

On Saturday morning me and my family went t othe rain forest to see what animals we could find. As we were walkingwe found a herd of ducks in a pond then we feed them some bread so the ducks moved to the side. Then we walked through the pond. My brother said “when are we going to get home?”. “Not long”, replied dad then we saw a pack of wolves. So we feed them 20 pieces of steak. They didn’t finish so we walked around them. Then we saw hedgehogs and we fed them snails off the trees. We saw a big bear. We had no food to feed it so we threw hedgehogs to it. I picked up some meat and threw it at him too. The bear ran away, “lucky” I said.

By Angelo

Here is Angelo's narrative writing about a picture that we were given. This is what he wrote independantly for his test. Well done Angelo!

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