Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Stevenson speech about Niue Island

Today was the presentation day of our speeches for topic. The children chose a country to share some information about. Here is Stevenson's.

Fakaalofa lahi atu the country that I’m going to talk about is Niue. This is a map of Niue, the capital of Niue is Alofi. Niue is an island in the Pacific Ocean. Captain James Cook was the first European man to sight Niue in 1774. He named Niue Savage Island because he thought that people were eating people because he saw blood on their mouths but it was just red banana skins called hulahula. This is a landmark called Matapa. Some people come here to go swimming, snorkling and diving. Uga is a favourite food among Niueans. When you catch it is blue, when you cook it, it turns red. Uga is good to eat with Taro. This is me getting a photo at my grandma’s 100th birthday. She was the first Niuean lady to turn 100 in my family. This is how you say ‘Happy Birthday’ in Niuean, Monuina e aho fanau.


sosaia said...

Hi I Really like sosaia

Mrs Lagitupu said...

Hi Stevenson

Well done! I really liked listening to your speech and I think that you had some good facts in there about Niue. Well done for including some photos with your speech too. Awesome job.

Anonymous said...

Fakalofa atu Stevenson,
CHEEHOO...your grandparents would be so proud of you and your very interesting speech about Niue. I really enjoyed the part about why Captain Cook named Niue Savage Island. Thanx for sharing your speech.

Aunty Lei

Anonymous said...

Fakalofa lahi atu Stevenson

You are a very clear and confident speaker. I was very engaged with your facts about Niue our Motu. Impressive stuff!

Stephanie Erick said...

Faith and I think this speech is awesome. Dan thinks the speech was great because it was full of information. Faith said that it was perfect because he talked in a clear voice.

from Aunty Steph

MUM said...

Hello son,
what a wonderful speech. Myself, nena and grandpa are all very proud of you. Keep up the great work!
Love Mum

A Jeremiah said...

Fakalofa lahi atu Stevenson!

I was really impressed with your speech. There was so much information and impressive knowledge. WELL DONE!

I look forward to learning more about your journeys especially when you next visit Niue.

Keep up the great work!
A.M Jeremiah