Monday, May 30, 2011

Frogs Comprehension

Part of the Frogs reading group activities is comprehension. They have to read a story and answer the questions. These are the questions and answers to an article called 'Books are Great'. You can find this activity here.


sisilia said...

Hi Rm 9 I really like your movie that was a great movie.

Wyatt P said...

Did you finish it in time frogs????I remember the last time I did my comprehension.It was about the bees.I did that in room twelve with Mrs Barks.

Good work Room 9 :) :p :( (smiley face,tongue face and sad face)

Dorothy said...

Well done Frogs - what a great job you have done of speaking to the camera and sharing what you have been doing for your reading activities.

Keep it up!

Mrs Burt