Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Enyahlee at Swimming

This term we are very fortunate to have swimming lessons at the Glen Innes pool every Friday for 8 weeks. We've written about it in class. Here is Enyahlee's recount. Listen as she explains what she enjoyed and she has been learning. Thank you to all the swimming instructors who help us and to Miss Va'afusuaga for organising and to our sponsors!


Mary said...

Hi Room 9 and Miss Lavakula

Hey room 9 thank you guys for leaving me a comment I am so glad. Thank you. You are awesome.

From Mary Room 13

vinolia said...

room 9 i love your Swiming in the Pools by vinolia

alexis said...

Hi enyahlee it's alexis do you remember me i left the class i heard your little show it sounds very great is this realy your first time doing swimming lessons "woww" and keep on trying to put your chin on your chest say hi to miss lavakula for me

Antonia said...

Hi Enyahlee
I really liked your movie about swimming at the Glenn Innes pools because you added interesting words.

From Antonia