Thursday, February 17, 2011

Welcome to Room 9 Stevenson

Have a wonderful year Stevenson! Welcome to Room 9, 2011! Click here to visit his previous posts.


aunty said...

Hi Stevenson

Its good to see that you are back at school! I know that you had your tonsils taken out a couple of weeks ago. You must of had lots of ice-cream and ice-blocks to eat. All the best for a great year!

Luv from aunty Sandy

MUM said...

Hi Son,

I hope you are enjoying school with your new teacher and class mates.

Love Mum

Taulagi Teleso said...

Hi Stevenson

I wish you well for your school year, enjoy it and have lots of fun. Looking forward to reading your posts.

Kind regards,
Taulagi Teleso aka Aidans Mum :)