Friday, February 18, 2011

The First Room 9 Lunchbox Heroes for 2011

Every Friday Pt England School has whole school assembly. As part of assembly, we have Lunch Box Heroes. In order for you to be a Lunch Box Hero, you have to have three things in your lunchbox.

1. Bread: A sandwich or roll
2. One piece of fruit: apples or bananas or oranges etc
3. One healthy snack: Yoghurt or crackers or cheese etc

When children's lunchboxes are checked, their names go into a draw and during school assembly if your name is drawn out, you line up and get to pick a healthy treat from the big Hero box. There are only 10 winners.
This week these are the children who were lunchbox heroes: Zane, Michael, Uli, Cyrus, Maroroa, Antonia, Brooklyn, Ariana, Sarai, Mahana, Alexis and Taimana.

Today three of Room 9 Zane, Ariana and Michael were very lucky to have their names drawn. Well done! Who will be a Lunchbox Hero next week?


Little Voices, Little Scholars. said...
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Mrs She said...

Hi Room 9,

Thank you for reminding us about the importance of having healthy lunch.

Mrs She.

Anonymous said...

Three Lunchbox Heroes from Room 9!...WOW! Now thats FANTASTIC! Awesome stuff guys! Keep those smiles & brains healthy & bright‼

♥ Michaels Mum =)

Rinna Mafi said...

hey room 9 well done on lunch boxs heroes!!! i wonder who will it be nexts week......

Maurice Mafi Sister...

Anonymous said...

Wow - three from one class, very impressive. Hopefully there'll be more lunchbox heros from Room 9.
Ariana's Mum.