Monday, April 5, 2010

Eric's Mihi in Maori

As part of our topic The Point England Way we had to learn about giving a speech or mihi in Maori. This is Eric's first post for the year.


Paula Casallo said...

Great job Eric. I loved your smile during the speech. You look like you were enjoying it. Your speech had wonderful flow and it sounds like you know your stuff. I am really proud of you and your class for you impressive blog posts. Keep up the good work.

Paula Casallo
EDM 310 University of South Alabama

P.S. I am all the way over in the United States in Alabama. I get to see your hard work because of the internet and your blogging. That is really neat isn't it?

Hayley said...

Hi Eric, I Loved the way how you spoke loudly and clearly. I loved your story, it was the best. Hi to all of you in Room 10 and hi Miss Lavakula. Love from Hayley in Room 13.

Keis said...

Hi Eric
I liked the way you where speaking.

from Keis

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

Great jod.I realy liked the way you spoke clearly and nicly.