Friday, April 30, 2010

Eric's Animations from Term 1

Last term our topic was the Pt England Way. Watch as Eric shows you how he keeps to the Pt England Way at different environments.


Mrs R said...

What fantastic animations. Did you make the picture all by yourself? I liked the way you could make it move just like a real cartoon. You must have had a lot of fun making it. I wonder what you'll try making an animation about next!

Asena said...

Hi Eric,
I like your movie about Walking to school by your self. It was gool because you spoke loudly. You need to work on drawing better pictures.

From Asena

Keis said...

Hi Eric
I like your pictures because you are good at drawing

From Keis

Rayden said...

Hi Eric
I like your movie it is really

From Rayden

Keis said...

Hi Eric
I loved the way you were spaeking about walking to scool

From Keis

shaunie said...

Hi Eric.
This is a really cool movie.
Your cute

From Shaunie