Monday, April 12, 2010

Chris' Mihi in Maori

This is Christopher's first post for the year. Listen as he shares with you some information about himself.


Brooksy Allen said...

Hi Chris!
I am a student in Dr. John Strange's class at the University of South Alabama.

I'm so happy to see that you and your classmates are blogging about your experiences. Keep up the great work! You seem very outgoing and fun, I hope you have a great remainder of the year and a wonderful summer!

Brooksy Allen

Melville Int. Room 8 said...

Christopher - I know that it was your first ever post but you did a really good job. I couldn't believe how much information you were able to give in your Mihi! I like the way that you spoke clearly and I was able to hear all the words in another part of the country. I also liked the way that you fixed up any mistakes that you made (not that it was obvious) and that meant your Mihi was perfect! Since that was your first post I look forward to more from you during the year!
Mr Webb, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

Logan said...

Hi Chris, I am Logan. How are you? I liked how you talked in Maori. I
can talk in Maori to.
From Logan.