Friday, March 26, 2010

Hiwarau's Mihi in Maori

As part of our topic for this term, each child will say their mihi in Maori. A mihi is a speech/ talk about themselves. In their Maori mihi, there is a particular order that we follow in our class. You can also click here to see our friends in Melville Intermediate, Hamilton and the way they present their mihi too.

This is Hiwarau's first post for the year.


Matthew R said...

Hi Hiwarau,
I liked your Mihi because you spoke clearly and keept the pase down.Can the mihi in english? it should be very easy for you if you can do it in maori.Visit my blog at

Matthew R

Paula Casallo said...

Great work Hiwarau. You have a beautiful name. I loved the way you spoke clearly and with a nice tone (not to loud and not to low.) I am so impressed with your blog. Keep up the good work.

I got to see all your hard work because of the internet. I live all the way over in the United States in Alabama. Isn't that neat?

You can visit my blog at htt://

Room16 said...

Hi Hiwarau,

Your mihi was awesome and I liked the way how you said your mihi very well and clearly. Well done.

By Lesley Mapa

Rave said...

Hi Hiwarau,
I like your mihi in Maori. I thought it was cool and lovely. I do want to say a movie like yours in Maori with Miss Whaea Raewyn.

From Rave in Room 10