Sunday, March 28, 2010

Semi and the Yummiest Noodles in the Worlld

Have you tried eating noodles with chopsticks before? As a writing experience, Room 10 had an noodle eating competition with chopsticks. Here is Semi's story that he has written by himself. This is also Semi's first post for the year.


Miss Walker said...

Hi Semi, I have tried eating noodles with chopsticks, but it was so hard. I lived in China for a while and at lunchtime I had to use a spoon, because I couldn't get the hang of eating noodles with chopsticks. I was in Wuhan and spicy noodles was the special food of that area.
I think you did better than me.

piazzamannino said...

We are so impressed at how you publish! Congratulations. We must work at this! AND I love to eat with chopsticks!
D. Mannino

Poppy Bednoz said...

Hi Semi, way to go on your noodle eating contest. I like to eat with chopsticks as well, but I have trouble eating noodles with them. I liked your movie, it seems like your class has a lot of fun. Keep up the good work.

Poppy Bednorz
University of South Alabama

Paula Casallo said...

Semi -

Eating noodles with chopsticks has to be hard work. I love the adjective you used to describe the noodles - squishy. They are kind of squishy. Great work with your blogging. I am so impressed! Keep up the good work.

Paula Casallo
EDM 310 University of South Alabama

P.S. I am all the way over in the United States down in Alabama. I get to see all your hard work because of the internet and your blog site. Isn't that neat?

Semi said...

Thank you Miss Walker, Miss Mannino, Poppy and Paula for leaving me comments. I liked eating noodles with chopsticks it was easy.

From Semi